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Aundria Adams

Writer / Author / therapy abuse warrior

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About Aundria

Aundria Adams is the author of Wire Monkeys (currently seeking representation), a memoir of her journey into the darkest parts of the human soul while falling prey to an unlicensed, narcissistic psychologist who leads her to find truth about relationships and love in unconventional ways. After graduating from The Fashion Institute of Technology in 1999, she worked as a marketing executive until deciding to pursue writing her memoir in 2012. Aundria has worked closely with writing coaches and critique groups and has attended numerous literary workshops and events. Her homebirth essay, Arrival, was published in Midwifery Today Magazine, and her creative nonfiction essays have appeared online in The Grief Diaries, Crack the Spine, and The Bookends Review Journal.

With the rise in mental health awareness and the destigmatization of psychotherapy, she strives to serve as a resource for individuals seeking qualified therapists or those who find themselves in questionable situations with their current therapists. Aundria resides in Arizona with her adoring husband, two hockey-loving sons, cuddly Austrailian Shephard, and two eclectic kitties.

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In 1996, nineteen-year-old Aundria Adams, desperate to heal the wounds of an abusive childhood, is referred to psychologist Heinrich Faust. Unbeknownst to her, he is a fraudulent con man who, for the next six years, grooms her to surrender familiar relationships for acceptance in his elite cult of patients.

After years of manipulation, Adams begins to suspect foul play. Trusting her intuition, she terminates her relationship with Faust and his cult. Her suspicions prove correct when the FBI invites her to participate in an investigation into his practice. Adams must summon the courage to face her former therapist and help put him behind bars. Will experiencing ultimate betrayal lead her to repeat the cycle of abuse that initially propelled her into treatment?

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Rethinking the stories we’ve been told.

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